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Image by Brooke Lark


Welcome to Jenna's Nut-Free Dessertery Inc. 

We are a 100% indigenous and female owned business out of Fredericton NB Canada. We pride ourselves on offering delicious foods and desserts made with minimalistic recipe styles using as many local ingredients as we can. We offer dine-in in our gorgeous location complete with a custom mural you don't want to miss! or you can grab your order to go........if you are in a hurry feel free to call your order in a head of time.

We are growing and expanding into the craft baking mix market ( including bannock in a bag!!!) click the shop button to grab yours

Stay tuned for more exciting news.


We understand the importance of safe reliable food when dealing with food allergies. That's why we make it our mission to provide you with fresh, handcrafted products made from Nut-Free ingredients in our Nut-Free Kitchen


Why did I choose a nut-free bakery?

Well about 5 years ago I developed severe allergies to nuts; anaphylaxis to be exact. I had eaten nuts my whole life. I had also baked with them, handled them with no problems...then suddenly that was it. Anaphylaxis hit and just like that: No more nuts!


After developing the allergy I discovered how incredibly difficult it is to find nut-free products! Having to read every ingredient on a package. Not being able to go to the places I use to...bakeries...cafes ...most restaurants; anywhere that may serve nuts!


So many limitations!


Some of you deal with the same issues. Or you know someone who does. It’s not fun! I hope to give a little variety and some freedom of choice back to those who deal with nut-allergies. All products will be created in my licensed nut-free kitchen using only nut-free ingredients!


Finally a place where you can choose anything on the menu!


There is an assortment of our family's favourite treats on the menu to
enjoy! (Cookies, Muffins, Cupcakes, Two-Bite Cheesecakes, Mousse Domes, Eclairs, Cookies, Muffins and more.)


Don’t let the fact that it’s nut-free fool you; it’s absolutely delicious and you won’t be missing the nuts!!


Absolutely amazing cheesecake for my birthday, I told her to surprise me ! Man it exceeded my expectations!! Cannot wait to try my sons Birthday cake tomorrow!!


- Wanda Wallace

I'm loving the recipes being posted while we're home during the pandemic.
The chocolate chip granola bars are my kids new favourite snack 😁


- Melanie Perrin

Beautifully presented (and yummy)> Unique desserts


- Sandra Hubley

This is my new favourite addition to the Boyce Farmer’s Market! Her mousse domes have perfectly balanced flavour and are gorgeous too! And the mini cheesecakes are amazing... Great food


- Rachael Wyat

I would recommend the ice cream sandwiches and mini cheesecakes. Totally amazing.


- Penny Dude

omg!! my new fav dessert booth! amazing!!!!


- Shauna Marie 

It's hard to pick a favourite as it's all great but I love the triple mousse cake 😋


- Grace Hayden

Penny Dude brought a Pumpkin Cheese Cake , of yours , to our FOS office in Moncton. The cheese cake was just wonderful. Thanks.


- Richard D Kay


From happy customers

I visit this place at the market every Saturday!!! Their eclairs are to die for 🤤 I’ve tried many different things and they were all exceptional!!! I highly recommend this place!


- Jo Dempsey

Wonderful desserts!!!!! Flavour is excellent!!! Presentation is amazing!


- Patti Hyatt

They have by far the best cheese cake. Very tasty. The texture and flavour is perfect!


- Mona Malenfant

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